Thanks so much for attending the 2015 Expo!
We really appreciate all of you who volunteered,
shopped, and attended the seminars!

Be sure to check the Expo Facebook page for 
updates and hundreds of photos of the event, and...

mark your calendar for next year:  April 7th-9th, 2016!

See below in red for the list of Expo Lost & Found items. Contact Cathy Mullins at if something belongs to you and she will find a way to return it.

Thanks again for your help and support!   

The Expo Board




- 1 child’s puffy vest – black on outside, hunter green on inside, no label

-1 light blue windbreaker jacket with black & white inserts, size S (6-6X)

- 1 brown jacket with heart-shaped peace signs all over it.  The Children’s Place, Size:Six XL14  Name tag still attached says “Anna”

- 1 teal green hooded windbreaker, size L (6x).  Looks like there is a marker name of “Devon”  on the label.  Label is Pacific Trail

- 1 multi-colored, striped flannel jacket with hood, Label:  p.s. from aeropostale, size 8

- 1 dark green jacket with navy blue sleeves, Size S 5/6, Label:  PLACE  Has a patch on sleeve that says:  Glacier Snow peaks

- 1 winter coat, Gray/Navy/Royal Blue/White,  No labels, appears to be a small size. 4-5 maybe

- 1 black velor jacket, Label: The Children’s PLACE, size L (10/12)

- 1 black velor pull-over, Label: Champion, Size M



- 1 small black diaper cover

-1 rubber giraffe about 7 “ tall

- 1 greenish-blue pacifier

- 1 tiny yellow plastic bear

- 1 pink bootie with blue stars

- 1 royal blue backpack filled with diapers, crackers and a black n’ white nursing bib



- 1 pink plastic see-through carrier that has toy plastic doctor tools in it.

- 1 new book:  Secret Keeper Girl Diary

- 1 new book:  Kiriath’s Quest

- 1 think pink headband

- 1 silver ring with a vinelike design

- 1 earring, pearl with gold rim

 -1 six-inch wide roll of elastic bandage

-1 “To Do List" with lots of phone # on it.  First thing on list says “Text Dana” (I’d want this back!)

- 1 Carlinville Public Library card with the name Emma Gosnell on it.  Expires 4/9/12



* Clear with black top, diffuser, “TJX Rewards” on bottle

* Large blue bottle with the word “Quench” on it

* Clear with blue top, Bass Pro Shops, Name:  Jude McCluskey

*White with white top, says “Florida Blue Cross”

 2015 Greater St.Louis Area 
   Home Educators Expo 
        March 19-21, 2015  

                               SAME LOCATION!              
             First Evangelical Free Church
                               1375 Carman Road       
                      Manchester, Missouri  63021



                                            2015 Expo Speakers
                                       (Click on "Read more..." to see seminar descriptions for each speaker)


   Andrew Pudewa         Diana Waring           DrJay Wile
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        Steve Demme              Dr. Karen Holinga            Ethan Demme

            Read more....                                             Read more....                                       Read more....


       Vickie Bentley                        Wally Long                 Carol Becker

             Read more....                                       Read more....                                            Read more....



 Suzanne Hartmann          John Thrower              Carolyn Knarr

           Read more....                                            Read more...                                            



           Al and Sheryl Schmidt                               Ross Malone
                           Read more....                                                                                  



     Jeremy Smith                 Renee Miller                 Sharon Hofer

       Read more....                                               Read more...                                         Read more....



Gary and Jan Bloom                   Patrick Brookman

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    Carrie Salyer              Bill Barnes                  Dr. Agnes Meyo          

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  Marv Schaefer               Piper Selinger                Patty Smith

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Catherine Gauvreau              Todd Akin                      Ron Quick
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       Carita Crain                 Bruce Sikes              Matthew Stephens

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