Please read the following carefully:

After much prayer and consideration the Expo Board has decided that it is necessary to cancel the 2017 spring conference

The amount of time required to produce the quality-type conference provided in the past years is not available to the current board at this time.

Watch for upcoming announcements concerning speaker and specific seminar presentations that will be sponsored by GSLAHE and scheduled throughout 2017.

Exhibitors will be receiving an email with a request for where to send their refund for booth space reserved. Thank you to our faithful exhibitors! We were near sold out of space!

Please consider attending the SHEM conference in Springfield, MO the MPE conference in Kansas City, MO or the APACHE conference held in Peoria, IL. 

If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity for the next Expo, please contact any GSLAHE board member. It would be especially appreciated if you have never volunteered in any area but have attended and enjoyed the Expo in the past. We have a list of committed volunteers who serve every year. But that list needs to grow to lighten the load for all.

 GSLAHE is a non profit organization run entirely by volunteers.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the board members listed below.

God bless,

Patrick and Marianne Brookman

Cathy Mullins

Pat and Kerrie Tate
Dana Williams

Please note that any information on the website page is from 2016.  We left it up  to give you an idea of what our conferences are like. smiley


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