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Nancy Bjorkman

Nancy Bjorkman began as the ultimate homeschool skeptic, but now, after 20+ years teaching her own 4 children she has become the resource and information lady for many and a champion of the cause. She is a certified teacher and has spoken at homeschool conferences in 10 states. Known for her enthusiasm, energy, and encouragement, she loves practical topics such as meal management, avoiding burnout, home schooling through high school, and using games to make learning meaningful. Though she stays busy as a support group leader and now bookstore owner, her favorite times are spent talking and laughing with her family at the dinner table. Having graduated all four of her children, Nancy has found it exciting to have graduated herself from being mentored to being a mentor for other homeschool families. She and her husband own a homeschool resource store and catalog business in Elk River, Minnesota, where they delight in ministering to the unique needs of homeschool families year-round.

Nancy Bjorkman
Heppner’s Legacy Homeschool Resources
PO Box 753
Elk River, MN 55330

Mrs. Bjorkman will be giving the following seminars.  

Thursday, 6:00-7:00 pm in the Auditorium

Where Do I Begin? (New Home Educators Seminar on Thursday Night)
Considering homeschooling? Not sure where to begin? This workshop will define realistic and foundational goals for homeschooling that will get new homeschool families off to a solid start. We’ll cover some common roadblocks and misconceptions about “what school should look like” and also discuss many of the stages that homeschool families experience as they walk through the years. This workshop will be tailored to cover the specific legal requirements in the state where the conference is held. There will be a time for interaction and questions.
Friday - 10:15-11:15 in Room 315
Math Outside the Book
This interactive workshop will cover the why’s and how’s of using games to bring math to life and increase understanding in students. We’ll discuss how to use games to enhance any curriculum. We’ll then dive into a highly visual and interactive review of games to use for everything from understanding number basics, getting the facts straight, the base-ten system, to using multiple operations. Responses to this workshop in the past have been overwhelmingly positive. People have even approached us years after attending to let us know the great impact that applying these games and ideas had on their math program. In order for everyone to be able to “take the workshop” home with them, Nancy has put together a packet of games that attendees can purchase for a minimal cost to use right away at home.
Saturday - 9:00-10:00 am in Room 110
Exploring Learning Styles for More Effective Instruction
Gain a fresh perspective on how your children’s actions and attitudes can help you discover their natural bent, so you can plan strategies that will help them grow into the person they were created to be. This workshop will provide insight into a variety of ways we can effectively teach to various learning styles in our children.