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Dr. Matthew E. Worth

Dr. Matthew E. Worth is an internationally recognized Functional Neurologist that has successfully treated thousands of patients with a variety of conditions ranging from complex neurological disorders to learning disabilities. As a native of St. Louis, Missouri Dr. Worth completed his undergraduate education at St. Louis University and Logan University, obtaining a Bachelors of Science degree in Human Biology, and a doctorate degree from Logan University.

Upon completion of graduate school, Dr. Worth established Missouri Brain & Spine, practicing full-time, while concurrently serving as a faculty member of Logan University. During this time, Dr. Worth completed a 4-year postdoctoral training in clinical neurology and successfully passed board certifying examinations (DACNB). In addition to completing over 4500+ hours of training in Clinical Neurology and case study, Dr. Worth received Fellowship status with the American College of Functional Neurology (FACFN). During the course of his career, he has authored numerous papers and articles, with his most recent research published in the Journal of the International Academy of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation. Additionally, Dr. Worth currently serves as an Associate Professor of Clinical Neurology, teaching doctors throughout North America and Europe the principles and applications of clinical neurology and neurorehabilitation.

Dr. Worth has also holds multiple Advanced Certifications in the fields of Neurobehavioral and Neurodevelopmental Childhood Disorders; Vestibular & Balance Disorder-Evaluation and Rehabilitation; and Advanced Electro-diagnostic Evaluation and Interpretation. Additionally, he has received comprehensive training in field of Functional Medicine and Blood Chemistry. His high degree of clinical acumen has allowed inter-referral relationships with local hospitals and physicians regarding the evaluation and treatment of neurodevelopmental and neurobehavioral disorders, traumatic brain injury (TBI) and stroke rehabilitation.

Currently, Dr. Worth serves as the Medical Director of the Midwest Institute for Neurological Development (MIND), specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of neurobehavioral and neurodevelopmental disorders and educational disabilities. Conditions addressed at the facility will include, but are not limited to; learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, attention deficits disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), sensory integration disorders, central auditory processing disorders (CAPD), dyslexia, pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD), Tourette Syndrome, motor stereotypies, Asperger's Syndrome and Board Spectrum Autistic Disorders (ASD). MIND is staffed with experts in the fields of neurology, neuroscience, neurological and brain-based rehabilitation, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. The educational staff includes special educators with certifications in learning disabilities (LD) and behavioral disorders (BD), reading specialists, and psychological examiners to render educational diagnosis. MIND also provides independent and confidential standardized testing, performed by state certified educational diagnosticians and psychologists. These highly experienced teams collaborate to design the most comprehensive and treatment program to meet each child’s specific needs.

Dr. Worth will be speaking at the following time:

Friday, 12:30-1:30, Room 372

Brain Games
The brain is the most remarkable structure EVER created. It has the ability to attend, learn, understand, feel and experience emotions; it has a conscious. Allow Dr. Worth to get inside your head and shows you what is going on in there through this interactive workshop that will test your working memory, level of attention, problem-solving, and perception. Turn your mind’s eye inward for a fascinating journey into the three and a half pounds of jello-like structure that makes you…YOU.