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Matthew Stephens

A former public school teacher turned home school curriculum author, Matthew Stephens is now the director of Essentials in Writing and Essentials in Literature, an English Curriculum company that has grown from a family business to 16 employees in just over four years.  Stephens enjoys speaking about issues related to writing and literature.  His seminars help “lighten the load” for parents dealing with reluctant writers as well as help parents and students understand the hows and whys of literature analysis.  Stephens’ time as an English teacher and curriculum development leader in public school was the launching pad for creating his video based writing and literature curricula.

Matthew will be speaking on the following topics:

Friday, 10:15 - 11:15 am, Room 372

Balance Your Language Arts Program in Three Easy Steps
Do you ever wonder which components are needed to make up a balanced language arts program.  In this session, English curriculum author Matthew Stephens talks about what makes a balanced language arts program for all grade level categories.  Get clear information about what your child should be learning in language arts for every grade level.

Saturday, 10:15 - 11:15 in Room 372   

Unlocking Reluctant Writers (Middle School-High School)
If you’re looking for a simple and easy way to make sure your reluctant writer produces quality writing, this workshop is for you. Mr. Stephens will share information to help you understand your reluctant writer and explain easy ways to get your reluctant writer on the road to writing success.

Exhibitor Workshop Topics:

Help, I Don't Know How to Grade Essays and Other Large Compositions (Middle/Secondary Level)
Have you ever felt overwhelmed and frustrated trying to figure out HOW to grade your child’s written compositions?  Grading paragraphs, narratives, personal letters, essays, or research papers, can truly be a challenge for parents.  Thankfully, there ARE ways to make your life easier and more productive in this area.  Matthew Stephens, former public school teacher and author of Essentials in Writing, will equip you with easy ways to score those compositions that is sure to relieve your frustration and provide accurate feedback for your student.

Timed Essay Preparation for High School Students(Secondary Level)
In this session, parents and students will learn how to write a timed essay for tests such as the SAT/ACT and university entrance exam.  Matthew Stephens, author of Essentials in Writing, breaks down the composition process into easy, incremental steps in order to help students make the most use of their time to compose well written essays as well as work under pressure.

Introducing Essentials in Literature (Literature Curriculum on DVD)
Are you tired of reading novels in order to cover the “literature” element of an English credit?  Come and discover Essentials in Literature, a literary analysis curriculum on DVD by Essentials in Writing author Matthew Stephens.  Using this program, students in grades 6-12 will learn how to properly analyze literary elements using a variety of prose and poetry.  A comprehensive approach to literature including short stories, autobiographies, poetry, and novels to name a few, your student will not only learn literary elements but how to analyze them as well.  In this workshop, Stephens will give you an overview of the program and show you how to get started.

(NOTE:  Level 8 is currently available with  7 and 9 scheduled to be released in August of 2016.  Additional levels will follow.)