Sharon Hofer


Sharon Hofer is a professional artist and teacher. She is also a pastor’s wife and homeschool mother. She is known as a passionate speaker who enjoys encouraging home schooling parents though her practical and uplifting talks.

Her professional art has been featured in several national art magazines and has been sold by both Franklin Mint and Artist Collectibles. She has spent the last twenty two years homeschooling her children, helping her husband in ministry, and building Hidden Acres Art School in Omaha, Nebraska.

Sharon Hofer travels internationally and is recognized as the artist and teacher behind Creating a Masterpiece. Sharon teaches hundreds of home schooled students each year at her art studio and thousands through her DVD curriculum known as Creating a Masterpiece. She also travels to Africa, Asia and Russia to teach fine art. 




Sharon will be speaking on the following topics:

Room 313    Friday, 2:00 pm
Boundaries: Maximize your freedom and minimize conflict in homeschooling!

Why is there so much stress as we homeschool our children? When our children are small the homeschooling experience seems like a piece of cake. However, things can change fast in those junior high and high school years. Why are there angry words spoken from both the parent and the child? Why does the atmosphere often feel tight and uncomfortable? Is there any hope for a smooth, light hearted, happy experience as we homeschool our children? Yes, there is! Listen as Sharon talks about the important area of setting boundaries, not only for our children, but for us as parents. Your days of ongoing tension between you and your child are ready to cease!

Room 110 (Youth Talk) Saturday at 2:00 pm
Sharon Hofer - Pastel in an Hour - Teen Workshop on Creating a Masterpiece!

Come create a masterpiece of  your very own with Sharon Hofer, internationally known artist.  You will have fun learning how to use soft pastels, how to shade, and create something worth keeping.