Jan and Gary Bloom



Gary and Jan began traveling together in 2000. They have been workshop presenters and conferences speakers since 2003. They were keynote speakers in North Dakota (2005) and Alaska (2007) and were featured speakers in Springfield, MO (2008), Indianapolis (2008), Portland, OR (2008), Kansas City (2009), and The Woodlands (2011) in addition to being workshop presenters at numerous conferences including MACHE in Minnesota, CHEC in Colorado, CHEA in California, NCHE in North Carolina, INCH in Michigan, and OCHEC in Oklahoma.

Gary and Jan began their homeschooling adventure in 1982. Though not old enough to be pioneers, they were in that first group of settlers who followed the faint trails that later developed into the super highways of modern home-schooling. Their three children, homeschooled through high school, experienced the challenges life on the educational frontier presented. Amazingly enough they each became responsible, intelligent, sociable, well-read adults who still love to learn. Gary and Jan currently have five rambunctious grandsons and three darling granddaughters. (Maybe now that Jan has female grandchildren she'll be called something other than "Where's Grandpa?")

After their children were on their own, the Blooms began their exhibitor/speaker life, believing that what was learned in their years of homeschooling and living could be used to help other parents homeschool differently, better, with more joy, and less pain. Jan's books and advice on what to read have helped countless parents who believed good reading was important but didn't know where to begin. Gary gets to take the credit for the many dads who now incorporate a family reading time into their day. Both Gary and Jan love being used by God to heal, protect, challenge, and build up homeschooling families coast to coast.



Jan Bloom's Talks:



Room 315

Cradle to Grade: Preparing Your Children to Love Reading

Booklovers become world changers, but they are grown, not born. Jan, a booklover and veteran homeschooler, will give advice to help parents of young children develop strategies and lifestyles that will "till the soil" and prepare a child's mind for the hard, but joyful, work of learning from books. Caution: Do not come if you are not ready to give up or considerably cut down on TV and computer time...



Room 341

Keepers of the Books:  The Vital Importance of a Home Library

Throughout history, reading and owning books has been associated with culture, learning, and wisdom. In modern times, books have yielded to electronic information systems. Jan, a vintage bookseller, believes that the older books, written true to a Christian worldview and absent many modern biases, need to be rescued from destruction, read by the students of today, and kept safe for future generations. Jan gives guidelines on choosing which books to include in a home library, which books to borrow from a public library, and which books to send to the trash. Practical suggestions on book repair, deodorizing, and organizing will also be discussed.




Room 315

Sailing on Living Light:  Voyaging with Great Books

Adventure, excitement, understanding, and delight - welcome to the world of living books, where the fresh breezes of new worlds stir imaginations! Beyond the dull, dry textbooks await REAL books that add life, depth, breadth, and excitement to learning. Discover how to travel through subjects with books that are interesting, informative, well-written, and enjoyable; books that become guides and maps as we journey through life. Jan, a veteran homeschooler and author, will navigate through both nonfiction and fiction, explaining how each fulfills educational, emotional, and spiritual objectives.



Gary Bloom's Talk:



Room 339

The Idiot's Guide To Building Bookcases - A How To Workshop

With only a few power tools and some lumber you can get those books out of boxes and onto shelves–shelves that you will be able to put together quickly and easily after attending this workshop for moms and dads. Gary, who has built dozens of these bookcases, will demonstrate step by step how to build a functional, practical, inexpensive, and good-looking bookcase.