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Jan and Gary Bloom

Gary and Jan began traveling together in 2000. They have been workshop presenters and conferences speakers since 2003. They were keynote speakers in North Dakota (2005) and Alaska (2007) and were featured speakers in Springfield, MO (2008), Indianapolis (2008), Portland, OR (2008), Kansas City (2009), and The Woodlands (2011) in addition to being workshop presenters at numerous conferences including MACHE in Minnesota, CHEC in Colorado, CHEA in California, NCHE in North Carolina, INCH in Michigan, and OCHEC in Oklahoma.

Gary and Jan began their homeschooling adventure in 1982. Though not old enough to be pioneers, they were in that first group of settlers who followed the faint trails that later developed into the super highways of modern home-schooling. Their three children, homeschooled through high school, experienced the challenges life on the educational frontier presented. Amazingly enough they each became responsible, intelligent, sociable, well-read adults who still love to learn. Gary and Jan currently have five rambunctious grandsons and three darling granddaughters. (Maybe now that Jan has female grandchildren she'll be called something other than "Where's Grandpa?")

After their children were on their own, the Blooms began their exhibitor/speaker life, believing that what was learned in their years of homeschooling and living could be used to help other parents homeschool differently, better, with more joy, and less pain. Jan's books and advice on what to read have helped countless parents who believed good reading was important but didn't know where to begin. Gary gets to take the credit for the many dads who now incorporate a family reading time into their day. Both Gary and Jan love being used by God to heal, protect, challenge, and build up homeschooling families coast to coast.

Jan will be speaking on the following topic:

Room 313    Friday    3:30 pm
Business By the Books:  Encouraging Entrepreneurs

Business ideas, business suggestions, and business acumen can all be found in the pages of books. Jan will identify many of the best books that develop important and necessary business ideals for all ages. Books that have been written by wise, astute, intelligent business people as well as fun storybooks about young entrepreneurs will be featured, since both fiction and nonfiction reading can encourage, enlighten, and empower willing learners.

Room 313   Saturday   9:00 am
YES,SIR!  Homeschoolers and the Military
Serving one's country has a glorious and noble past. What do homeschoolers need to consider if time in the military or even a career in the military is of interest? The different branches of the service, the service academy requirements, ROTC and JR ROTC, the Guards, the Reserves, and other programs will be discussed and evaluated. Though as Christians we know our true home is NOT really the good old U.S. of A., we have been placed in the greatest country in the world, and we have to be ready to encourage anyone who is willing to fight for our freedom. (Jan and Gary's son, JJ, is currently serving in the U.S. Navy.)