Michelle Pohl

Michelle is a storyteller who encourages her readers to begin Blooming with Joy…through every chaotic moment, disappointment, and mess. Her readers keep her motivated to be real with life and laugh at her mistakes. Michelle is reformed coffee addict turned devoted tea drinker. She lives in Missouri, USA with her husband of 10 years and homeschools her three daughters.

She has experienced God’s peace while enduring life’s many messes; childhood abuse, motherhood, miscarriage, and homeschooling. All the while, allowing God to trade her ashes for beauty. She has learned we can begin Blooming With Joy through every obstacle when our Hope is in Jesus!

She has worked with victims of domestic and sexual violence and facilitated recovery programs for the past 7 years. She shares her personal experiences with women, teen, and mom groups to encourage them to also begin Blooming With Joy.




Michelle Pohl's Talk:



Room 315

Finding Joy in the Mess

Homeschooling is rewarding yet requires diligence. Smack dab in the middle of the chaos, diapers, hand-me-downs, temper-tantrums, adolescences, and school – we are quickly drained and lose sight of the big picture. We need to be replenished so we can continue to pour into our family. Through laughter, encouragement, biblical promises, practical tips, and relatable stories you will FIND JOY IN THE MESS!