Catherine Gauvreau

Catherine has been homeschooling her five children since 2001 and has taught RightStart Mathematics Levels A, B, C, D and E. RightStart has helped her develop a love for math which was absent in her own education and has allowed her to understand it and enjoy it. She has especially appreciated how RightStart allows all of her children to feel successful in math, whether they are quick to pick up concepts or need additional practice. Math is everyone’s favorite subject! Catherine, her husband Don and their children especially love playing math games throughout the week to reinforce taught concepts. Catherine stays active in her church, is a beginning runner and working towards running a half-marathon, is a graphic designer and amateur photographer and finds the greatest joy in her family and homeschooling her children. Catherine is currently a Customer Care Specialist with RightStart Mathematics where she enjoys helping other homeschooling parents and their children.



Catherine Gauvreau’s Talks:



Room 315

Building a Strong Math Foundation

The foundation of mathematics is patterns and relationships. Build on your children's natural ability to visualize. Enhance their learning by using guided discovery. Help them master the facts and solve problems while understanding concepts and the relationships. All these are essential for building a strong foundation.




Room 339

Critical Thinking in Mathematics

 We want our children to become critical thinkers. Teach mathematics so that you emphasize thinking, not just memorizing. Help your child's brain develop real analytical, problem-solving skills. Understand the teacher's role of asking questions, encouraging the child toward deeper thinking.