Jim Woychuck

Jim is the son of Dr. N. A. Woychuk, who received Christ after memorizing hundreds of verses in a local contest. This salvation gave birth to a systematic Scripture memory movement that has borne great fruit as God has honored His word in the hearts of many who have treasured it. Jim is husband to Susan, and Dad to Faith (8) and Jonathan (6). He directs Scripture Memory Fellowship International and pastors Hannibal Evangelical Free Church in Hannibal, MO.

For more information on Jim's ministry please visit www.ScriptureMemoryFellowship.org


Jim Woychuk's Talk:



Room 372

Torpedo 8 at Midway: Lessons on Parental Faithfulness from a Lost Squadron

Lt. Commander John C. Waldron knew on take-off that he and his 14 pilots would be shot down  as they attacked the Japanese fleet off Midway on June 3, 1942. Their planes were old, slow, and under-armed; their tactics were outdated; their enemy was formidable. Yet they pressed home the attack and stayed on-task in their mission at the cost of their lives. What motivated such sacrifice and what lessons does this scene carry for home-schooling parents with a limited window of time to impact their children? What ramifications does this story hold for those seeking to impart God's word to the next generation. With Powerpoint slides (images attached) and shared eye-witness accounts, this workshop offers a vision-casting word for all who are in the trenches of patient parental planting of God's word. All seminar participants receive a free copy of our booklet, "Whatever It Takes to Get Children to Memorize Scripture."