Kelly Kohring

My Father’s World Kelly Kohring is a woman of many hats. From skilled chef to softball coach, Kelly is a woman who strives to encourage and inspire in all situations. She considers her most important “hats” those of wife and homeschooling mother. Kelly uses her educational knowledge as a consultant for My Father’s World. Her desire is to see homeschooling families succeed by committing to God’s direction for their lives.



Kelly Kohring's Talk:



Room 339

Let's Get Real

Join Kelly as homeschool moms and dads "get real" with each other. Let's face it; many times as homeschool parents we feel the need not to let others see our struggles in the grand adventure of educating our most precious blessings at home. In this session we will discuss some areas where many of us struggle, discuss ways we can face those challenges and most importantly, encourage one another in this journey. Be prepared to "get real" and leave your "perfect" homeschool masks at home as Kelly shares her heart.