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Dara Halydier

Dara Halydier has homeschooled for 21 years and just retired!  Her five boys are launched and doing well.  They love the Lord, serve Him, and love to get together asoften as possible!  Dara is a pastor’s wife, a Bible teacher, a conference and retreat speaker, a mentor and a friend.  She is the author of Practical Proverbs for Younger Students and Practical Proverbs for Oder Students.  Dara’s newest book, As They Sit and Stand:Teaching Kids the Bible from Birth through College is now available! Dara loves chocolate, sunsets, long walks with her husband, and books.  Dara has learned life’s lessons the hard way – experience!  She has moved over thirty times, deals with chronic pain and a disability, has four boys with learning disabilities, and has overcome a past of abuse and shame to proclaim God’s grace, forgiveness, and freedom.  Dara dances before her King and climbs up in her Father’s lap daily.




Dara Halydier's Talks:



Room 372

Raising Godly Kids vs. Perfect Kids

What does a godly child look like compared to a perfect child?  Trying to raise a perfect child will lead to rebellion, low self-esteem and other problems, while raising a godly child will lead to grace, joy, and freedom.  How did God raise His kids?  First came the law, then grace.  We, as parents, need to start out with law and then move through faith to grace as our kids get older.Scriptural basis is Galatians 3:22-26 and 4:1-7.  We will walk through aspects of the law that can be incorporated into our family (written out, concise expectations, rewards and punishments, etc.), and then we will give ideas of moving the child to grace as they mature and grow.



Room 170

Raising Exceptional Children: From Geniuses To Those With Learning Disabilities

This is the Haldier's personal story of raising five boys with various needs.  Let Dara encourage you that God has a purpose for your child just like he/she is and that God did not make a mistake!  She will cover how to accept each child and their individual challenges and how to help them reach their potential.  Dara and Tracy raised two boys with genius IQ’s and homeschooled them successfully!  One of these children also had ADHD, dyslexia, and Asperger’s syndrome.  The other three boys were of average intelligence and successfully graduated in spite of dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADD and ADHD.  Each is on a very unique path, but all are becoming the men that God created them to be.  They have good self-esteem and are excited about life and love and follow God.  What more could a parent ask for?




Room 300

Gracefully Letting Go

You've raised them to know right from wrong.  You've schooled them through history, math, reading, and science.  You've driven them to practices and games, competitions and reward ceremonies.  You've fed them, wiped their tears, and showed them the way.  You have introduced them to Jesus and encouraged them to have a relationship with their Lord.  Now it is time for them to fly on their own.  How do you let them go?  Are they ready? Are you ready?  Dara will address concerns of teens and their parents as they enter the next phase of life called adulthood.  There is a way to prepare your teen for what is to come and to prepare your heart for this different relationship with your child. Dara and her husband have homeschooled 5 boys who are successfully launched but continue to be great friends and a real joy to their parents.



Room 341

What Homeschoolers Won’t talk About

Do you sometimes wonder what in the world you were thinking when you signed up to homeschool?  Do you tend to compare yourself and your school and your children with others and find that you are lacking? Dara will address issues like insecurity, feelings of inadequacy, being overwhelmed, not having perfect children, not being a perfect mom, etc... Dara uses a Biblical base to her talks and many personal stories and humor.  She wants to encourage homeschooling moms that God is able when we are not!



Room 341

When it Hurts to Homeschool

Life happens - even to homeschoolers.  Dara will share her story of homeschooling against the norm of the '80's and her parents' wishes.  She tells of homeschooling through difficult pregnancies, the birth of twins, 5 major surgeries, a child with a broken back, 4 children with learning disabilities, 27 moves, and chronic pain.  Dara tells her story with humor, God' grace, and joy in the midst.  Sometimes it hurts to homeschool, but with God all things are possible!