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Jenna Dee Martin

Jenna Dee Martin was raised in Oklahoma, attended Oklahoma University and received her R.N. from Scott and White School of Professional Nursing in 1965. She was the temporary Director of Nurses at the Nursing Home in her hometown of Lindsay, Oklahoma and then the Director of Nurses at the Lindsay Municipal Hospital for a year and a half. She then accepted her position in the US Air Force as a Lieutenant and was stationed at Wilford Hall, San Antonio,TX, as a CCU/ICU nurse, and then as a Casualty Nurse at Andrews AFB, Headquarters Command in Washington, D.C. She met her husband, Jobe, a dentist and fellow officer, during this time and they were married in l967 and they then finished their Air Force commitment in 1969. At this time they moved to NASA in Houston where Jenna Dee was the Lockheed Nurse during the space program years and Jobe was involved in a private dental practice. In 1972 they left the dental practice and moved to Dallas where Jobe became a professor at Baylor College of Dentistry and Jenna Dee a CCU nurse and later In-Service Education Director at Doctor’s Hospital in Dallas, Texas. She retired from active nursing in 1975, became a Mother in 1977 of Taryn and then of Mirren in 1979. She homeschooled both girls K-12 before they went to Pensacola Christian College. Her interest is in sharing with women of all ages, but specifically young Mothers the very great need of training up their children in the way that they should go so that when they are old they will not depart from it (Prov. 22:6). Also she specifically supports Biblical training at a very young age, as she presents in her talk of Worldview 101 for Two Year Olds: As the Twig is Bent, So The Tree Grows. Other topics include: What Will Matter Eternally, Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart, Making the Bible Your Blueprint for Living, The Tone in the Home, Remind Me Why I am Homeschooling, and MOMS: Finishing the Home School Race Strong.


Jenna Dee Martin' Talks:




Room 339

The Tone in the Home

We mothers set the “tone" in the home. If improper expectations and responses are not nipped in the bud (Ecc. 8:11), we have the potential to lose our children and turn them away from the truth of God’s Word.  How do we as mothers get inspired to change negative situations in the home (starting with ourselves) into ones that will prepare our children to be gifts that we can lay back at the Lord’s feet? Scriptures and experiences will be shared to illustrate the need to practice  Truth in the home, no matter the cost, the circumstances, or the consequences (John 3:21, James 4:17).  Informational statistics will be shared from the Nehemiah Institute as well as insights from the book, Already Gone, to show what is really happening to children even in a home schooling environment. Most of us DO what is important to us and have what we tolerate in our lives. How can we as Moms “discipline ourselves for the purpose of godliness” to set a tone in the home that will reduce anger and unresolved conflict so that our children are best prepared to serve the Lord and not depart from the faith?




Room 300

Moms: Finishing the Homeschool Race Strong!

Are you running to win, or just half heartedly existing?  Do you see your efforts and sacrifices as investments in eternity for the glory of God, or are you just walking through a nightmare?  Why are you home schooling, what do you hope to achieve, is this an investment in eternity?  What is the cost?  Don’t succumb to the “pity pot syndrome” . . . happiness is a choice, pain is inevitable, but misery is optional. Academics, sports, character . . . can you have all or do you have to make tough choices?  Tips and guidelines will be shared for Moms to see beyond and live above circumstances and be that encouraging influence that your children need to “experience.”