Andrew Pudewa Mini Conference
Saturday Feb. 16
08:30 AM - 04:15 PM
Event Description:

Dear Friends,All events have been cancelled for Andrew.  You should have received Paypal refunds if you Processed a Payment through Paypal.

If you plan to any events please register now but you may wait to see if we get enough responses to continue the event before you pay.  We will email all those signed up with our decision by Wed.
Thanks for your understanding. 

Mini Conference with Andrew Pudewa
For Parents, Teachers and Students (age 12 and up)
4 Workshops
The price has been lowered to $30 for the family or individual for the day or $15 for either the two morning or two afternoon sessions for an individual
if you can only come for half the day. 

All attending the workshops for the weekend will be entered in a drawing to win a FREE Registration for the family to the HEAV 2013 Convention celebrating their 30th year. 
The drawing will be held Saturday at the conclusion of the Mini-Conference.


  Print Flyer  Some hotel accommodations are on the flyer

See Pricing Information Below

Freedomship Education: Rebuilding Your Education Paradigm  8:30-10:00am
Escaping the "conveyor belt" approach of institutional education by which most of us were shaped isn't easy, but it has to be done. For many parents, our greatest handicap as teachers is our own education, but it need not be so. In this inspiring and empowering session, you will not only come to understand the nature and purpose of today's educational system as it was originally conceived and designed, but you will see a shining alternative path, one that develops true thinkers, leaders, and communicators—so desperately needed in today's world.

Nurturing Competent Communicators 10:15-11:45pm
Nurturing Competent Communicators (NCC) - The Two Most Critical
Components Many parents and teachers assume that good readers will naturally or automatically become good writers. Others think that writing talent is just a natural ability—some have it, others don't. Both are myths. History and observation show very clearly how good writers have developed, and what are the two most critical things parents and teachers can do to nurture a high level of aptitude—from a young age through high school. With humor and insight Andrew Pudewa will share the two easy but unbelievably powerful things that must be done at home and in the classroom to create confident communicators.

Lunch 11:45-12:45pm

Teaching Boys & Other Children Who Would Rather Make Forts All Day 12:45-2:15pm
Children like to do what they can do; they want to do what they think they can do, and they hate to do what they think they cannot do. If you want excited and enthusiastic children who learn well, you must understand these key laws of motivation, and focus on the essential requirement of relevancy. If it matters, children will learn it, and if it doesn’t, they won’t. This session will enlighten you with specific ways to find and create relevancy for children, even when they have no apparent interest.

Mastery Learning, Ability Development, and Individualized Education 2:30-4:15pm
What is "mastery learning" and how does it relate to home education? Andrew will explain the methods, goals, and benefits of the ability development model as developed by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, and applications to disciplines other than music, along with potential obstacles to successful implementation. Come and hear how, as Dr. Suzuki puts it, "Every child can learn,” and you can create success in areas where you or your children have struggled in the past.

  • $30 per family-includes family of 4 or individual-All Day pass
    husband/wife/kids or mother/children or father/children or individual for the day- For parents/students age 12 and up. Must be the same family.  All names attending must be filled in when registering.  Name tags will be printed from the registration information. 
    $10 for each additional family member.  **infants free & welcome see note below

  • $15 per person for either the 2 morning or
    2 afternoon sessions:

    ( two sessions for one person $15)  If you can only come for the morning or  afternoon workshops this would be your choice.  If you are coming for the whole day by yourself  then choose the family price.
    Thank you
  • **(Infants are welcome-we will have a room available where you can care for your baby and watch the event live if you need to step out of the room) *No childcare is provided for this event.
    Everyone who signs up will receive an email with details on eating locations, lunch options and other information when it gets closer to the event.

Signup and Payment deadline is Feb. 8, 2013 
Cancellations:      Cancellations received by Feb. 11 will receive a full refund but
Paypal transactions may incur a refund fee between $2.00 and $4.00 depending on the amount of the transaction.
No refunds will be given after Feb. 12. 
You may transfer your registration to a friend by notifying Ann.
Mailing Instructions:  Ann Hoopsick, c/o Corner Desk VA, 401 Dupuy Ave, Colonial Heights, VA 23834

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Hyles Baptist Church
7220 Courthouse Rd
Chesterfield, VA 23832 US

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