Documents, Forms and Information for URCNA Synod Nyack 2012

URCNA Synod Nyack June 11-15 2012

  1. Credential Form

  2. Credentialing Information

  3. Delegate Registration Form

  4. Display Registration Form

  5. Display Registration Invitation

  6. Fraternal Registration Form

  7. General Information

  8. Travel Directions

  9. Frequently Asked Questions [updated 4/24/12]

  10. Agenda

NOTE1: The agenda is formatted with several blank pages so that the first page of each new section is "forced right" for those who print the agenda double-sided.
NOTE2: The initial version of the Provisional Agenda listed the incorrect abbreviation on Report #12. That has been corrected in this version posted on April 5, 2012.
NOTE3: The Agenda was "Provisional" until adopted by Synod (Art. II-D)








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