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Welcome to Montgomery  4-H Shooting Sports Club (M4HSS)

This club meets in and around Conroe, Texas

M4HSS is a 4-H Project Group dedicated to teaching safe and responsible use of firearms including sound decision making, self-discipline and concentration, while having fun and developing life skills through a strong youth development approach.

MC4HSS is open to all children ages 9 (or 8 and in the 3rd grade) to 18 as of August 31, 2022.

Our current disciplines include: Archery (NASP, Compound, and Recurve), 5 meter BB Gun, 10 meter Sporter and Precision Air Rifle, and .22 Rifle.  We have the option to offer the Pistol (air and .22) discipline if enough members express interest. 

All club practices are led by volunteers who have attended the required 4-H Shooting Sports Coach Certification Training.  We ask all parents to consider how they can volunteer a few hours during the year to make their child's club fun and successful.  There are many different options for volunteering throughout the year from coaching to helping with fundraising or non-shooting sports activities.

Note on Practice Schedule:  Practices are typically once per week per discipline in the Conroe area.  Practice schedules are set at the discretion of our volunteer coaches based on their location and availability to volunteer their time.  Currently, most practices are held on weekday evenings.  The practice schedule (including number of practices offered) may change throughout the year based on coach availability, location, and member interest.  We do our best to accommodate as many member families as possible when setting the practice schedule, but we realize not everyone will be able to participate based on their unique commitments.  We encourage parents to volunteer to coach should they find their schedule does not match with the existing club practice schedule.  Specific practice details (day, location, time) are NOT released to non-members due to safety risks involved in having people show up to practice locations unannounced, creating a distraction for coaches and youth.  We appreciate your understanding and support of our club's commitment to our youth members' safety.  We do not require a set time commitment from families in order to join because we believe that each familiy should be able to set and achieve their own goals within the shooting sports project.  The number of practices your family will attend will vary depeding upon your family's availability, your child's interest level, and what disciplines they would like to attend practices for. 

NOTE: This club does NOT participate in any shotgun activities.


Gulf Coast BB Gun and Air Rifle Sign Up

Ready to sign up for the Gulf Coast BB Gun and Air Rifle Match?  Sign up here: 


Remember you will submit one registration form per child per event.  (Example:  To enter your child in the BB Gun AND Air Rifle events - you will fill out two separate forms).

Match Bulletins can be found as attachements using the club calendar below and clicking on the Gulf Coast Match Event listed on February 5th. 

Ready to sign up for the Gulf Coast Archery Match?  Sign up here: 


The registration process will be zero fee via the website.  After you complete the registraion, you will recieve an email as well as an invoice requesting payment.  Once payment is received, you will receive a final confirmation stating that your spot is reserved.  Please make sure that when submitting payment, you identify the name of the archer being registered for the tournament.  This will allow for faster processing of your information.

Step 1: Safety Training

Sign up for and attend a 4-H Home Firearms Safety Training class. All youth and a parent/guardian must attend this free, two hour class before being able to participate in any practices or competitions with the club.  There are no substitutions.

If you have previously taken the 4-H safety training class, go to step 2.  This class is taken only one time as long as the child is actively participating in a 4-H Shooting Sports project.  If there is a lapse of more than a year in participation, the class should be re-taken. 

Attention Parents:  This class is offered a limited number of times each year and requires a minimum of 10 participants to be held.  If your child wants to be actively involved in practices and/or competitions with this club at any point in the year, you should make attending this class a priority in your family's Summer or Fall schedule, as there are no guarantees classes will be offered in the Spring.  Classes are also not typically held in November/December due to the holiday season, please plan accordingly.

Use the calendar and Click View All to see upcoming classes or contact the Club Manager for information at [email protected]

Step 2: Join 4-H (4HOnline) Enrollment opens August 19, 2022 for the 2022-2023 year

Sign up each student and parent volunteer at 4HOnline and pay your participation fee.  Be sure to add Montgomery Shooting Sports Club to your child's profile (either as their primary or secondary club) so they will show up on our club roll.  We ask all families to have at least one parent enrolled as a volunteer.

Sign Up Here

For Assistance with 4HOnline Enrollment Steps:

4HOnline Family Guide

Step 3: M4HSS Club Registration and Website Access (Join August 15, 2022 or later for 2022-2023)

Skipping this step will delay your child's enrollment and ability to participate in club practices.

The practice calendar is only available through the member's side of the website.  Access is only granted to fully enrolled club members.

Be sure to add your child (or children) in the appropriate section when requesting access so you will be able to sign them up for practices.

Use an email address you check daily or you may miss important information or updates.

All enrollment steps MUST be completed and verfied before access is granted. Access will not be immediate. Please allow up to 14 days for approval. 

New members complete All Steps.  Returning Members Complete Steps 2-4.

This step should be done August 15, 2022 or later.

Request Membership and Website Access

Explanation of Club Dues and Fees

Club Dues:  $40 per child each year (Required)

  • Select child dues from the drop down menu in the box to the right and Add to Cart.  Once in Cart, add number of children registering to participate in this club. 
  • Club dues cover consumables (BBs, pellets, arrows, targets, etc.) used by members during practices.  

Volunteer Fee:  $20 per family per year (Required)

  • Once a family volunteers and submits the signed form to the club manager, this can be reimbursed.  For families who opt not to volunteer, this will not be refunded.  There are many options throughout the year to volunteer on all levels within the club.

Fundraising Fee:  $50 per family per year (Required)

  • Fundraising is an important activity for this club to cover maintenance and the purchasing of club equipment, guns, and bows to continue to provide a quality shooting sports program for members.  If a family actively participates in offered club fundraisers during the year, this fee can be refunded.

Failure to pay all required dues and fees will delay your child's registration progress in this club and possibly cause a delay in their participation in club practices and events. 

Do NOT pay dues or fees until you have completed steps 1 through 3.  Dues and fees are non-refundable in the event a member decides not to participate.

Step 4: Pay Club Dues and Fees (This is NOT the same as the Enrollment fee through 4H Online.)

Club Dues and Required Fees


Monthly Club Meeting
February 2 - Thursday
07:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Gulf Coast BB Gun and Air Rifle Match
February 5 - Sunday
07:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Monthly Club Meeting
March 2 - Thursday
07:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Monthly Club Meeting
April 6 - Thursday
07:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Monthly Club Meeting
May 4 - Thursday
07:00 PM - 08:00 PM


What is the Home Firearms Safety Class? Why do we have to attend it? Are there any substitutions?

The Home Firearms Safety Class is a free two-hour lecture style class led by club volunteers. The class teaches safe gun handling, range rules and etiquette, 4-H shooting sports opportunities, as well as a lot of other useful information. Each child who wants to participate in club practices and at least one parent or guardian must attend this class before they will be allowed to participate in practices. Attendance is required by Montgomery County 4-H. There are no substitutions for attending this class. Attending a Hunters Education class, completing another basic firearms class, a parent being in the military or law enforcement, or a parent being an NRA instructor do not substitute for attending this class. Note: This class is only offered a few times a year. If you want your child to participate in club practices, you should make it a priority to attend this class as early in the year as possible. Once classes are over for the year, you will have to wait until the next year if you miss it. Contact information to RSVP for a class is listed on the club website.

What is the club’s focus? What do you teach?

We are dedicated to teaching the safe and responsible use of firearms. This includes sound decision making, self-discipline, and concentration. We also seek to have fun and develop life skills through a strong youth development approach. Our club focus is on basic marksmanship and teaching the fundamentals of shooting. We teach competitive shooting stances in both our rifle and pistol projects, which is not what you see when you go to a public gun range. We do not teach self-defense techniques.

What projects does the club offer?

Our club has active projects in archery, BB gun, air pistol, air rifle, smallbore rifle and smallbore pistol. We have the equipment to have a black powder project, but at this time we do not have a 4-H certified coach to hold practices. We do NOT have a shotgun project. If your child is interested in shotgun, you will need to contact the Montgomery County 4-H Shotgun Team. Other projects can be added as members indicate interest and leaders are available. Members can also complete projects at home or through another club.

When does the club meet? What are 4-H club meetings?

Our club’s regular monthly meeting is usually held on the first Thursday of each month, September through May. Meeting details are posted on both the public and member website.

Attending the monthly meeting is an essential part of being involved in a 4-H club. They can be involved in the club’s decision-making process, learn something from an educational presentation, play games, and participate in community service projects at the monthly meetings. Updates on club projects and events are given to help keep families informed. The meetings also give your family an opportunity to support our members who have undertaken a student leadership role. They put a lot of extra hours into planning things for club members to do and it is rewarding to have members participate so they can experience success and grow as leaders.

We encourage all who are interested in the club to visit us to see if the club would be a good fit for your family. Attending the Safety Training class beforehand is not necessary to attend a club meeting.

Can my child participate in multiple projects?

Members may participate in as many projects as they’d like. Many members will try out all the projects to see which ones they are really interested in. Members can attend as many practices as their parents are willing to take them to. The club does not require that a member attend a certain number of practices during the year. The amount your family participates is completely up to you.

When and where are practices held?

Most practices are held once a week on a weekday evening in and around the Conroe area. We do not release practice days or locations to the public due to safety concerns. Smallbore practices are usually held once or twice a month at an outdoor range which is donated for our club members’ use, so we do not have to pay range fees. Once a family has completed the 4-H registration process, they are given access to the club member website which has the practice and event calendar on it. This is where you will sign up for practices.

What if the practice schedule doesn’t work for my family’s schedule?

Practices are scheduled by our coaches based on their availability to volunteer their time and when they believe the most families will be available to attend. In some cases, we are constrained by the availability of a facility. Our club has many offerings, it is our hope that your family will be able to find at least one option that will work for you.

Can I drop off my child at practices/meetings?

No. Even if your child is old enough to drive, they must have a parent or guardian physically at the practice. Adult siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or a trusted friend can bring a member to practice, with a parent’s permission.

Who are the coaches?

Most coaches are parents of club members and have been involved with the club multiple years. All coaches are unpaid volunteers. They are NOT county employees. Club practices are led by Certified 4-H Shooting Sports Coaches who have been to a 4-H Shooting Sports Coach Certification Class for the discipline they are coaching and have met the requirements to become a 4-H Certified Coach. Many of our coaches have also invested their time, energy, and money in additional training in their discipline to enhance our members’ experiences.

Do I need to have my own gun/bow/equipment to participate?

The club has equipment for club members to borrow so it is not necessary to have your own gun or bow in order to participate. This prevents your family from having to purchase a lot of equipment while your child discovers what area they are interested in. A member can indicate what club equipment needs to be borrowed during the practice sign up process on the website.

My child is only interested in participating in the smallbore (.22) rifle/pistol or air rifle/pistol project. Why will he or she be required to first attend BB gun practices?

New members interested in these projects are required to attend a minimum of three BB gun practices for safety reasons. This allows the coach to make sure the safety rules taught in the home firearms safety class are understood and are being applied by the member. This also gives the member a chance to learn how a range is run by us and for our coaches to get to know them.

Once the coach determines that the member consistently demonstrates safe behavior, can safely handle the air gun or smallbore gun they want to use, and that they demonstrate the maturity level necessary for the project they are interested in, the member will be given permission to begin attending those practices. The number of BB gun practices needed to accomplish this goal is at the coach’s discretion, with the minimum being three. 

Currently, as there is only one coach holding practices, prospective members should be aware that it is much easier to complete this  requirement in the Fall, as more practices are offered with more firing points available during the regular BB gun season, which is September through December.  The regular BB gun season focuses on safe gun handling and building the foundations of marksmanship.  The extended season focuses on building on the foundation of the regular season while preparing project members for competition in the Spring and runs from January through mid-March.  Practices with limited firing points are offered during this season to allow the coach to hone and polish competitive positions and marksmanship skills and teach competition format.  After that time, practices are only available to Travel Team members preparing to attend BB Gun Nationals in the summer.  As more parents are willing to step into the coaching role, more BB gun practices may be added to the calendar to allow more members to be accommodated through the Spring.

How old does my child need to be to join?

4-H is for youth between the ages of 9 and 18 years old (or 8 years old AND in in 3rd grade).

How do I join?

· Join Texas 4-H through 4HConnect website. Annual enrollment opens on August 15th each year.

· Attend a Home Firearms Safety Class. (See Below)

· Join Montgomery County 4-H Shooting Sports Club. This is only done through the club website.

· Pay the club dues. The fee you pay on 4HConnect does not come to the club. Club dues cover repair and maintenance of club equipment and help to purchase consumables (ammunition, targets, etc.) used in practices by members.

· Request Access to the member’s website.

Links for each of these steps can be found on the club website. Steps can be completed in any order, but member’s website access is not granted until all steps have been completed.

I think I’ve completed all the steps to join, but I haven’t heard anything from the club. What do I do?

The simple answer is to check your e-mail. It can take from a few days up to a couple of weeks for all steps to be completed. Once your Texas 4-H membership is active, you will receive an e-mail. Club leadership grants access to the member’s website twice a week for families who have completed the registration process. If there is a delay completing one or more of the steps, the club manager will typically reach out to you through an e-mail within a couple of weeks to let you know which steps still need to be completed and to see if you have questions about the registration process. Contact information can be found at the bottom of the club’s webpage if you have other questions. Once you are granted access to the member’s website, you will receive an e-mail telling you that you should be able to log in. The is where you can view the practice calendar and sign up for those your child would like to attend. Coach contact information is listed for each practice and you may contact the coach directly with specific questions regarding the practices.

Does my child have to compete? When and where are competitions?

Attending competitions is not mandatory, but our club encourages members to try it. Allowing your child to compete can help add focus to their practice time. Whether or not your family wants to be competitive will depend upon your goals for your child in shooting sports. Competitions are held in many different locations throughout the year. March through May seems to be the busiest time. Some matches are local, others are several hours away, and some are out of state.