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About the Alliance

About the Alliance

The Waukesha County Conservation Alliance was formed in the spring of 1955 to act as the voice of sportsmen clubs from Waukesha County and the surrounding area in presenting their views to various levels of government and to the interested public at large.

From its conception it was recognized that the function of the Alliance would be to communicate through the use of gathered information and assistance without becoming directly involved in the member club activities.

The Alliance is composed of delegates from the member clubs. The strength and effectiveness of the individual member clubs is greatly increased when twenty, thirty or forty clubs can join together to speak with one voice. This is the Alliance.

Each year we also recognize the efforts of clubs, organizations, and individuals who have made a major contribution to conservation. The Annual Awards Banquet, held in February, is the highlight of our annual program.

Active member clubs and potential members can benefit greatly from the Alliance through your participation. Your delegates are your voice in the Alliance and an active delegate will give you and the Alliance strength.