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Summary of Recent Classis Meeting

Report on the meeting of Classis Central US of the URCNA

Convening in Waupun, Wisconsin

September 11-12, 2017

The Lord gave a pleasant late-summer day for the delegates to arrive at the 43rd meeting of Classis Central U.S. in Waupun, Wisconsin. Delegates were greeted with a hot meal and warm fellowship. Classis Central U.S. convened at 6:30 p.m. on Monday and concluded late morning on Tuesday.

Classis began with Mr. Joel Alsum of the Grace URC in Waupun serving as Chairman pro-tem, after which Mr. Mark Vander Molen of the Immanuel URC in De Motte assumed the Chair for the rest of the meeting. The Rules of Procedure for Classis state only a few reports are to be heard at the Fall meeting; these reports were heard Monday evening. As part of working through these reports, the Classis approved a 2018 budget of $3,550 for the Church Planting Advisory Committee (CPAC). Rev. Jody Lucero, secretary of the CPAC, gave an hour-long presentation on its work as well as received questions and comments from those present. The evening was concluded with Rev. Ruben Sernas giving an update on the El Pacto de Gracia mission work.

The morning session opened with URCNA missions coordinator Rev. Richard Bout giving a presentation. Rev. Bout highlighted some mission works in the federation and outlined some of the joys and challenges we as a federation are facing with missions. Rev. John Hartley brought fraternal greetings from the Presbytery of the Midwest of the OPC.

Classis neared the end of its business, electing Rev. Ralph Pontier to serve as Stated Clerk for the Classis. The current Stated Clerk completed his second term, and the Rules of Procedure state a two-term limit for this position. Rev. Pontier will begin his term November 1, 2017. Rev. Dan Donovan was re-elected as alternate Stated Clerk. Rev. Doug Barnes was re-appointed as alternate church visitor for the west side of the Classis.

Classis gave advice to the Cornerstone URC in Sanborn, IA concerning a discipline matter and also a pastoral matter.

The next meeting of Classis Central US is to be a concurrent meeting with the Presbytery of the Midwest of the OPC. In order to facilitate meeting with the OPC presbytery, Classis is scheduled to convene in Schererville, Indiana on Thursday, March 15, 2018, or Friday, the Lord willing. Discretion is given to the convening Consistory to set the exact day and time based upon the agenda. The Consistory of the Faith URC in Beecher, IN will serve as the convening Consistory, while the Community URC in Schererville, IN will serve as the hosting church.

Classis wishes to express its sincere appreciation to the members of the Grace United Reformed Church for their gracious hospitality, to the Grace United Reformed Consistory for its work in convening this meeting, and to Mr. Mark Van Der Molen for his excellent service as chairman.

For further information, contact Rev. Talman Wagenmaker, pastor of Grace URC & Stated Clerk of Classis