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2021 03 Classis Report To Publications / Articles - 2021 03 Classis Report

Posted 3/27/21

Classis Report

Classis Central US of the URCNA

March 15-16, AD 2021


Delegates to the 51st meeting of Classis Central US gathered at the Faith United Reformed Church in Beecher, Illinois beginning at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, March 15 and did not adjourn until late into the afternoon of the next day. The meeting was convened by the Hills United Reformed Church in Hills, Minnesota but held in Beecher to facilitate the attendance of the Faith URC consistory which was required to be present for a candidacy exam they had requested for one of their members.

After the opening preliminaries on Monday evening, classis put their shoulder to the wheel and began a six-and-a-half-hour candidacy exam for Mr. Nathan Voss, a graduate of Mid-America Reformed Seminary who had previously pursued candidacy in the church of his youth, the CRC, but, through providential circumstances, was led to abandon that goal and turn to the URC. He joined the Faith URC, was licensed to exhort in October of last year, and after a period of service to the vacant congregation, was put forward by the consistory for a candidacy exam. The exam proceeded through the evening and resumed the next morning. It was concluded successfully at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday. The exam was occasionally interrupted by various

reports, as time permitted. Mr. Voss acquitted himself well. His consistory voted that he sustained the exam in all areas and the classis concurred with their decision.

In addition to the exam, many reports were received from classical functionaries including the convening consistory, the Stated Clerk, the Treasurer, the church visitors, and those appointed by our classis to bring fraternal greetings to sister churches. Reports were also received from the representatives of our federation committees and from the consistories overseeing church plants (in Ecuador and Chicago Heights) and Army Chaplain Major Andrew Spriensma now serving in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

Fraternal greetings were brought by Rev. Lane Keister on behalf of the Presbytery of the Midwest of the OPC and by Rev. John Bothof on behalf of Classis Minnkota of the CRC. Letters of greeting were received from the Presbytery of the Dakotas of the OPC and from Classis Manitoba or the Canadian Reformed Churches. Reports were received from our delegates to an OPC presbytery and two meetings of Classis Minnkota.

The Hills URC asked for, and received, concurring advice regarding the emeritation of their pastor, Rev. Alan Camarigg. Rev. Camarigg began his ministry in the Hills CRC in 1991 and served there until 1997. In February 1997, he accepted the call of the Lynden Orthodox Christian Reformed Church in Lynden, Washington. In 2006, the Lynden congregation withdrew from the OCRC and was independent for six years. In 2012 the congregation (renamed Covenant Grace) made application to join the URC and were received into the federation which included Rev. Camarigg sustaining a colloquium doctum. In 2013 Rev. Camarigg accepted the call of the same church where he had begun his ministry, although now it too was in the URC. A farewell is planned for the end of May and he and his wife, Wanda, plan a move back to Lynden, Washington.

Around 4:00 p.m. the delegates began dealing with six requests for advice regarding matters of spiritual discipline. Discipline cases are difficult, but the faithful exercise of discipline is a mark of the true church and a means of bringing glory to God as well as calling sinners to repentance.

Rev. Harold Miller ably chaired the meeting and at the conclusion thanked the delegates for their diligent work in the service of the churches and thanked the host church for their warm and generous hospitality. Classis adjourned around 5:30 p.m.

Classis is scheduled to meet again on September 13-14, 2021. The Covenant Reformed Church of Kansas City is next in rotation to convene and host the meeting.