Town Zoning Map

The Waukesha County Zoning Map is available here for viewing, please contact Waukesha County Parks and Land Use for descriptions and restrictions of each individual zone.  All zoning related matters are handled by Waukesha County Planning and Zoning Division to reach Wauskesha County with zoning questions please dial 262-548-7790.

The Town's Comprehensive Land Use Plan 2035 can be viewed below, click the link deisred.

         Comprehensive Land Use Plan 2035-Text

         Comprehensive Land Use Plan 2035-Maps

To view a draft copy of the zoning ordinance that the Town Board has approved but has not adopted, please click on the following link:  Draft Zoning Map   The ordinance is 215 pages, and depending on the speed of your internet service, it may take a little bit to download.  The Clerk's office does have a copy available for viewing if you experience problems with the on-line version.

Joint Meetings of the Town Board Supervisors and the Plan Commission members:

January 26th     February 9th     February 22nd     March 2nd     May 3rd