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Utility District #1

The Town of Oconomowoc does have a portion of the town that is serviced by a sanitary sewer service.

The district is made up of Phase 1 and Phase 2.  Phase 1 was created in 2001 and Phase 2 was created in 2007.

Rates for the sanitary sewer district are firgured by the debt of the service system and the CIty of Oconomowoc's Wastewater Treatment Facility.  The town charges a fixed rate for residential properties and some commercial properties, there is a small portion of commerical properties that do get charged by volumn.

The current rate for a fixed residential/commercial customer is $239.77  The current rate for a metered commercial customer is $12.52/1,000 gallons used

The utility district does offer a new direct payment option for paying the quarterly sewer bill.  This option available to our customers allows the town to send an ACH to your bank and withdraw the amount owed for the quarterly sewer.  There are no fees for this service, all that a customer would need to do is fill out the authorization form (which can be found below) and send that along with a canceled check or deposit ticket to the Clerk/Treasurer's office and at the next quarterly billing you will have the payment withdrawn from your account.  There is also an email service that the town offers to the customers of the direct payment plan, if you provide your email at the time of signing up we will send out a reminder a day or two ahead of the withdrawal so that you can be sure to have the funds available.  Please note that NSF charges from your bank and possibly the town's bank may be incurred if the funds are not available at the time of the withdrawal.

If you have any questions, please contact the Clerk's office for more details.

Direct Payment Application