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2014 Town Board Agendas

To view a Town Board agenda, click on the date below.

*Please note* Agendas are posted on the Friday before the regular scheduled Board Meeting, however, agendas can be amended up to 24 hours prior to the meeting time. Which may cause the agenda that appears on this site to be incorrect until office staff are able to amend the site on the Monday of the meeting. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, the Town Hall has a bulletin board outside the office door where the most current agenda will be posted.

January 6     January 9th    January 15th     January 20th    February 3rd    February 5th    February 17th PC-TB Spec

Feb 17th TB Spec   Feb 17th TB Reg    March 3rd    March 17th    April 7th   April 15th Spec-TB

April 21st    April 15th   May 5th   May 19th    BOR May 19th   June 2nd   June 16th  July 7th

   July 21 TB Spec   July 21st Reg   July 24th TB Spec   Aug 4th   Aug 18th   BOR Aug 28   Sep 9th

TB Spec  BOR Sep 15  Sept 15th   Sept 30- informational mtg   Oct 1 - Budget    Oct 6th

  Oct 15th - Budget   Oct 20-Reg  Oct 20-Budget  Oct 29-Budget   Nov 3rd  Elector Mtg Nov 6

TB Elector 11-18-14   SP TB MTG Revised Nov 18th   Nov 17th Reg Mtg Revised

SP TB MTG Nov 24   Dec 15th