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Live, express, know... and in your knowing, live beyond what you have known till now. And reach for every distant star, till what was once a promise becomes a dream fulfilled. Then share it with a radiance of spirit that calls to all to find what you have found.


Welcome to the home page of Agape Arts Center. We seek to honor God using the artistic avenues He has given us to explore. Dance, drama, music, the arts - all of these are like our playground, our stage, our canvas, our page. And whether we sing, or dance, or paint, or write, or a thousand other expressions of the heart, whatever they may be, we bring our expressions of joy to the One whose love calls us to rise and follow.

Come dream with us!


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Class location:
Grace Bible Church (school building)
4041 Squankum, Allenwood, NJ 08720
For inquiries, please contact agapeartscenter@gmail.com

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