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Web Builder

billed annually  
Secure Site Administration
Unlimited Page Building
Multiple Administrators
Event Signups
Mailing List
Contact Info
Photo Gallery
Publications / Articles
Tech Support

+ Membership

billed annually  

Premium includes all the
features of Web Builder, plus:

Membership Registration  
Membership Management  
Membership Directory
Automated Newsletter Emails
Moderated Forums
Business Directory
Class Registration
PayPal / Credit Card Integration
Photo Gallery
Email Tool
Import / Export Tools


+ Custom Web Applications

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Premium includes all the
features of Web Builder + Membership
Timesheets entry and tracking
Sage/Peachtree integration
Invoice entry and tracking
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Inventory entry and tracking  
If you're doing it on paper, in Excel or Access, we can help you move it to the cloud!
SQL Hosting
Pricing FAQ's

What if I have an existing web site?

You can easily convert your existing web site into our service.  With our web tools and easy setup of pages, transferring information from your old site to our service is a snap!  If you run stuck, we show you how!  This is a full featured, professional content managment system which gives you the control over the entire web site.  Minimal time commitment for those administrating the site! You can even have multiple people administrate different parts of the web site. No special software or training, very straightforward and easy to use, your organization or business will be able to fully maintain its Web site. All you need is an Internet connection!

What if I have my own domain name?

You can use our service and still keep your own domain name.  It's easy and we show how!  Register your domain name with us; it's easy and we do all the work!

Can you explain how the Membership plan pricing works for different member sizes?

By default, you will receive a standard web site without members.  To upgrade your site to incude membes or employees, just let us know as it just takes a click of the mouse.  Each membership site includes up to 28 members or employees in it's base hosting fee of $240 annually.  Any member or employee that joins after the 28 free members, will be charged a per user fee of $8.50 per year.  The maximum number of members we charge for is 190.

What if I don't have any members and I just want a web site?

The membership management feature of our service is one of our best features.  You can also setup a very professional web site without using our membership features.  The minimum cost would apply and you would be invoiced $240 annually for our service.  If you decide to add members, you can do so at any time.

Can you do Site Transfers?

Yes, please call for an estimate. We are very affordable!  To get started, click on REQUEST INFOYou can get started on your site today!

Can you provide Custom Graphics for my website?

Yes, please call for an estimate. We are very affordable! To get started, click on REQUEST INFO. You can get started on your site today!

What are your payment methods?

Service-Life.com accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, checks and money orders. We work directly with you to arrange payment.  Invoices are emailed 30 days prior to the annual renewal date along with several friendly reminders.

What are custom web applications?

Custom web applications are when you want something developed that is specific to your business oeprations.  An example would be timesheet data entry, mileage expense reimbursment, logoware store, job tracking, customer tracking, inventory tracking, medical record keeping for animals, customer integration solutions for Sage.

An example of a custom Sage integration solution would be automating invvoice entry.  You can easily export a list of customers and inventory items from Sage and impor them into your web site.  Build your invoices on yoru mobile device and then easily import that invoice created back into Sage.  It takes just minutes to do what paper and pen took hours.

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