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Janet Skehan - Teaches Flute
Music has always been part of my life. My family instilled practice early on as my mother was a Soprano in her church, my father was a guitar player and my brother played bass guitar in various bands. I wanted to play the flute early on and was fortunate enough to have private lessons all through elementary and high school in Atlanta, Georgia. I have a bachelor’s degree in Music Education from the University of Georgia. I then proceeded to earn a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling.
I moved to Cleveland, Ohio after college where I met my husband Tom and convinced him to move to a warmer climate. We resided in South Florida for the past 35 years. Most of my professional career was in the insurance industry. I was able to continue playing music with different ensemble’s around town. We moved to Citrus County in 2020 and since retiring, my goal has been to pursue music opportunities in many areas. I am currently a member of the Nature Coast Community Band.

Jack Moorhouse, Teaches Brass -- Began playing trumpet in 1960 (5th grade), served in the Navy in the music program aboard Commander Seventh Fleet flagship.  Entertained troops in Viet Nam as well as in the fleet.  Served as a firefighter/paramedic for 22 years in a suburb of Chicago.  Retired in 2000, with my wife of 42 years,(that’s as of this year, not 2000!), and has one son, and two grandsons.  Stunningly average, but happy.  Enjoys woodworking, gardening  and fishing, not necessarily in that order.

Dan Riley, Teaches winds

Dr. Dan Riley is a graduate of Bob Jones University, where he earned a bachelor's degree in ministry with a music minor, as well as earned a Master's degree in Educational Leadership.  While at Bob Jones University, Dr. Riley was a member of the BJU Symphonic Wind Band, 20-member trombone choir, and a 30-member brass choir.  He has been administrator of two Christian schools - one in South Florida, his birth place, for 10 years, and currently has been the Head of School at Inverness Christian Academy since 2006.  Dr. Riley met his wife, Brenda, on a European Musical Mission team from BJU in the summer of 1993.  Dr. and Mrs. Riley have four children, including three adopted out of foster care, and one teenager on the autism spectrum with a developmental disability.  This has given the Rileys a heart for special education, which they have incorporated into their school program.  Dr. Riley finished his Doctorate of Education from Liberty University in July of 2020. 

Dr. Riley's primary instrument is trombone, but has experience with trumpet and baritone/euphonium, as well.  He has also taught beginning clarinet.  He taught beginning band at both of the schools he has led. His other musical experience include high school marching band, concert band, and jazz ensemble.  He also has training in conducting and loves to conduct whenever the opportunity arises. He is excited to get his students excited about instrumental music and to teach these students who otherwise would not have a place to learn and play in our community.  

Bryan Seith, Teaches strings

Bryan recently relocated to Citrus County after 40 years of directing music in an independent Friends school in the Washington, D.C. area. Leading primarily choral and orchestral ensembles on the high school level, Bryan also served as chair of the Arts Department for 25 years. In addition, he worked extensively with community groups of all ages, including local youth orchestras and community choruses. Bryan is thrilled to have found CYESO and is excited to have a chance to be part of the important work that is happening here! 

Angie Gabb, Vice President, Assistant Director of Music, substitute Teacher --  Angie has a vast variety of musical background which began in piano and music theory lessons throughout grade school and high school. She began playing flute in 6th grade and was in her high school and college marching band. She still enjoys playing the flute occasionally for her church family to enhance worship.  She also owned her own Kindermusik business from 2004-2011 where she taught music and movement classes to babies, toddlers, preschoolers and their parents. She believes that music is a very powerful tool and is so happy to be sharing the love of music with children in our community.  She also serves on our Board of Directors for the CYESO.

Jean DuBose - Teaches Viola and Violin

I started out with piano lessons, then took viola lessons in Junior High and High School, playing in school orchestras. I have degrees in music education from Susquehanna University with a concentrate in viola, and a Masters of Music Ed. from Temple University. I have studied violin in Philadelphia, PA. I  have taught elementary music in the public schools in Nevada, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Florida. My last eight years of teaching were in  Petersburg, FL where I added group beginning and intermediate violin lessons after school. I have taught private violin and viola lessons over the years and have played viola in several community orchestras. Locally, I enjoy playing viola with the Citrus Strings, playing string quartets and chamber music with friends and teaching private violin lessons.  Most of all, I enjoy playing viola with my husband who plays the flute, a beautiful combination.  We play in church and nursing homes.  I love promoting strings and realize how important it is to bring string instruction and orchestras back in the schools again. I seriously doubt that I would be playing viola today without this important musical background in my school years.  Until this happens, I am thrilled to be a teacher of violin and viola in this wonderful organization.

Lydia Lytle - Teaches Violin

Through the years, music has been a BIG part of my life.  My musical life journey officially began at the age of thirteen. My parents got me started steadily with piano lessons when we moved out to Australia due to my dad being in the Air Force. For around 3 years, I took piano and enjoyed it so very much! I became acquainted with the Aussie crotchets, quavers, semiquavers and some other unique names for music note values that are just like ours, just different words!

I had friends in my life that showed me a few things on the violin, and let me try it out, but it was not until after my dad retired from the Air Force and settled down in Florida, that violin lessons began, with me being around 17 or 18 years old.

I had 4 violin teachers at different times, and learned to play different styles of music. Opportunities came around for me to play violin with my musical family at churches and for other events as well.  Now I’ve been playing and enjoying violin for around 18 years, and have taught individual violin lessons as well as piano lessons.

As a mother’s helper, in years gone by, to three different families with young children, I learned to enjoy teaching and working with children and how to interact with them...a good preparation for what I am doing now in CYESO.  I enjoy teaching and working with the children and interacting with them so they can learn to play violin and enjoy it and share it with others.

Thomas Porter- teaches Cello

I was exposed to music from birth. My father, his brothers and various family members would play “porch music” from the Appalachian and Gospel traditions. I learned to sing harmony at a young age. My mother played organ and piano at home and church. Dad moved the family from rural Kentucky to Dayton, Ohio to provide opportunity for a better public education. I was the youngest of three; brother played violin, sister played viola, I got to play cello. I also learned to play the guitar, tuba, and bass. Learning music from my Father helped me discover harmony and improvisation. Going through the public-school music program lead me to play all the way through high school. I had a full scholarship to the Wright State University School of Music after playing with the Dayton Philharmonic Youth Symphony as principal cellist.

I continued performing until family obligations required my time. After a 30 years hiatus, I was given the opportunity to audition for the Naples Community Orchestra. I resumed taking lessons and ultimately played with the orchestra for 14 years. While I did sometimes play principal, that position was often given to students who were playing with the orchestra, may of whom were pursuing college degrees in music and performance.

In addition to my work with the Naples Community Orchestra, I also participated in the “Pro-Am” events for the Naples Philharmonic (now known as Artis Naples.) I played ensembles including duets, trios and quartets with professionals, both active and retired, in the Naples/Ft. Myers area including the Southwest Florida Symphony and the Gulf Coast Symphony.

I was fortunate to have teachers who instilled in me the desire to share the knowledge I have gained through the years. Relocating to Citrus County after retiring has provided new opportunities to hone my skills as both a performer and teacher.

Conductor, Stephen Lane-- Music has been a part of my life from an early age. My parents had no formal music training but saw that I received it. What a blessing even though practice was sometimes a chore. Piano Lessons began at 7 years old and cello lessons at 8. I was more disciplined in practicing the cello and became better on that instrument.

My wife played the clarinet through grade school and high school. She played in the University of Missouri marching band and had wonderful experiences sometimes getting to travel for road football games. All three of our children are musicians. Our oldest majored in cello and engineering. Our youngest is majoring in voice and engineering. He also plays the piano quite well. Our middle daughter plays the violin and just received her undergraduate degree in public relations.

Music has given me a great deal of pleasure and afforded many opportunities. They are too numerous to name in this short musical biography. I have had wonderful and talented teachers. During High School I traveled to Europe twice with a youth orchestra from the North Carolina School of the Arts. I have played in a number of different orchestras through the years under the baton of some well-known conductors: Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra,
Southeast Iowa Symphony orchestra, Central College Orchestra, Indiana University orchestras and opera orchestra, etc.
I was a music major in cello performance for two years at Indiana University before changing my major in preparation of studying for the ministry. Since then I have received two additional graduate seminary degrees. I have been a Lutheran pastor for over 35 years.

I was hired by Central College in Pella Iowa to be an adjunct instructor of cello, play principal cello in their orchestra, and play in a faculty trio (piano, violin, and cello). In addition, my years in Iowa provided the opportunity too perform numerous times as part of the Southeast Iowa Symphony Orchestra String Quartet.

Directing the Citrus Youth Educational Symphony Orchestra has been a great joy. Watching my own children learn to love music and grow in proficiency on their various instruments has inspired me to pass this down to other young people.