Plan Commission

The Town of Oconomowoc Plan Commission is a seven member commission.  The members are appointed by the Town Chariman and confirmed by the Town Board.  The term for this position is for three years, the terms are staggered so as not to have all the members terms expire at the same time.  The following is a list of the current members and their term expiration date:

Robert Peregrine - Chairperson, May 2025
James Navin-Secretary, May 2025
Pat Agnew, May 2025
Dione Funk, May 2024
Jim Roche, May 2024 
Linda Bergman, May 2024
Wayne Euclide -Town Board Representative, Appt. May 2023
Lori Opitz - Clerk/Treasurer and Recording Secretary

To obtain an application for the Plan Commission agenda please click here.

You will also need to complete the Waukesha County Land and Plan Use application, that form can be obtained by clicking here

*Please note*  Agendas are posted on the Friday before the regular scheduled Plan Commission Meeting, however, agendas can be amended up to 24 hours prior to the meeting time.  Which may cause the agenda that appears on this site to be incorrect until office staff are able to amend the site on the Monday of the meeting.  We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, the Town Hall has a bulletin board outside the office door where the most current agenda will be posted.

Plan Commission Agendas: 2024

January 15th    February 5th   February 19th   March 4th   March 18th   April 15th

Plan Commission Agendas:  2023

January 16th   February 6th   February 20th   March 6th   March 20th   May 1st   May 15th   June 5th   June 19th   July 17th   Joint PC/TB August 7th    August 7th   August 21st   September 18th   October 2nd   October 16th   November 6th    November 20th   December 4th

Plan Commission Agendas:  2022

January 17th   February 7th   February 21   February 23rd   March 7th   March 21st   April 26th   May 5th   May 16th   June 6th   June 20th   July 18th   August 1st   August 15th   August 29th   September 19th   October 3rd   October 17th   November 7th   November 21st   November 7th   December 5th   December 19th

Plan Commission Agendas:  2021

Plan Commission Agendas:  2020

Plan Commission Agendas: 2019

Plan Commission Agendas: 2018
January 15   February 5th   February 19th   March 5th   March 19th   April 16th  May 7th   May 21st   June 4th   June 18th   July 2nd   July 16th   August 6th   August 20th   September 17th   October 1st   October 16th   October 29th   November 19th   Dec 3rd   Dec 17th

Plan Commission Agendas: 2017

Plan Commission Agendas: 2016

Plan Commission Agendas: 2015

Plan Commission Agendas:  2014

Plan Commission Agendas:  2013
January 8th     January 22nd     February 5th     March 4th     March 18th & April 1st     April 15th   May 6th     May 20th     June 3rd     June 17th     July 1st     July 8th     July 15th     August 5th   August 19th     September 16, 2013     October 7th     October 21st     November 4th   November 18th    December 2nd     December 10th     December 16th

Plan Commission Agendas:  2012
January 2nd     January 16th     February 6th     February 20th  March 5th     March 19th     April 2nd     April 16th   May 7th     May 21st      June 4th     June 18th     July 9th     July 16th     August 6th     August 20th   September 3rd     September 4th     September 17th     October 1st     October 15th     October 30th   November 1st     November 19th     December 3rd     December 17th

Plan Commission Agendas:  2011
January 3rd     January 17th    


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